2016 MN State Hampshire Show

Please join us in Fairmont as an exhibitor and/or spectator!

Show Committee

Tom Bobendrier and Bob Koehler are the coordinators for the State Hampshire Show

  • Entries must be pre-registered and mailed by August 1st, 2016 to Tom Bobendrier. Entry information will be entered onto a computer spreadsheet, and will also be used to assign penning.
  • Registration papers will be checked.
  • Classes will be built and sorted from the computer spreadsheet, and this information will be printed into programs and available for all exhibitors and spectators on show day. Martin County Fair will provide the clerk for the show.
  • There will be slick shorn classes for ram and ewe lambs in each age category as well as for yearling ewes
  • There will be a “Come Back” SPECIAL CLASS for yearling ewes that were -purchased as a lamb by the exhibitor at the MN Bred Ewe Sale the previous fall
  • There will be a class for lambs and yearlings bought in dam at the MN Bred Ewe Sale.


  • Pre-Registration mailed by August 1st.
  • Enter sheep by noon on Friday, August 19th.
  • State Hampshire Show at 9:00 am on Saturday, August 20.
  • Release 6:00pm on Sunday, Aug. 21.


  • $2.00 per head entry fee. $6.00 adult gate admission on Friday and Sunday, $9.00 on Saturday. (Many nationally known entertainers/concerts are free for all fair attendees.)